Wambamboo Furniture and Lighting


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Zhu Pendant Lights

The Zhu Pendant Lights represent a group of growing rhizomes or established bamboo culms, emphatically growing skywards, channeling light from their lofty reaches. The pendants feature ethereal bamboo veneer shades that emit a warm natural glow in any space they illuminate. The structural frames, which come in an assortment of sizes, are produced from cross-laminated bamboo. 


Sml: 34cm (h) x 29cm (w,d) 1.5kg
Med: 50cm (h) x 29cm (w,d) 2kg
Lge: 80cm (h) x 29cm (w,d) 2.5kg
XLge: 100cm (h) x 29cm (w,d) 3kg

Material: Natural cross-laminated bamboo + veneer