Wambamboo Furniture and Lighting



The Supernova Pendant Light is a variant of the Constellation Pendant Light, allowing exploration of colour options. The internal structure of the light lends itself to either a single or more spectacular two-tone colour scheme. All colour variants are customisable using water-based acrylic finishes with a clear water-based top-coat. Corporate colours may also be specified with the option for metallic paint finishes.

Sml (55cm diagonal): 47cm(w) x 47cm(d) x 42cm(h) .8kg
Med (65cm diagonal): 54cm(w) x 54cm(d) x 49cm(h) 1kg
Lge (75cm diagonal): 62cm(w) x 62cm(d) x 57cm(h) 1.5kg

Material: Carbonised bamboo, stainless steel