Wambamboo Furniture and Lighting


b. 1986, HK.


Kent Gration’s design philosophy highlights the need for renewable resources through an approach to process that carries the sentiment of ‘good design should last forever, but needn’t last forever in the environment’. The questioning of consumer needs has allowed Kent to develop products that factor in the whole-of-life cycle, from their material origins and benefits, biodegradability and recyclability, while exploring a conceptual approach to form and object.

In developing and producing the Wambamboo range, Kent addresses growing environmental concerns regarding mass-production and the overuse of non-renewable polluting materials in the product, furniture and lighting industries.

permanent collectionS :

Fondazione Cosmit Eventi/Salone Satellite – Costello Seat
Sydney Powerhouse Museum – O+ Side Table
Banyule City Council – Costello Seat

MAJOR Awards :

2017 A’ Design Award, Sustainable Design – Costello Seat
2012 FX International Design Award Finalist – Greenery
2011 FX International Design Award Winner – Constellation Light
2010 Queensland Premier’s Emerging Design Leader Award
2010 Create Awards, Sustainable Design – Constellation Light
2008 QDOS Award, 3D Sustainable Design – Costello Seat
2007 Melbourne Fringe Furniture, Sustainable Design – Costello Seat