Wambamboo Furniture and Lighting



Elasmobranch Pendant Light

The Elasmobranch Pendant Light is an environmentally-aware sculptural fixture that uses dynamic evolving forms to imbue a sense of the free-swimming movement of majestic aquatic creatures.

Inspired by the water signature of elasmobranchs (sharks) and cetacea (whales and dolphins), the light's voluminous form morphs through transitional rhombus shapes to create a sense of kinetic weightlessness. The light’s internal void reflects the gaping cartilaginous gill structure of a feeding Basking Shark, as it scoops up plankton from the Mesopelagic (twilight) oceanic zone.


125cm(w) x 50cm(w) x 50cm(h) 4.5kg

Material: FSC certified E0 carbonised and natural bamboo, polycarbonate tube, LED strip, steel cable