Wambamboo Furniture and Lighting



Totem Floor Lamps

 The Zhu Floor Lights represent a group of growing rhizomes or established bamboo culms, emphatically growing skywards, channeling light from their lofty reaches. The lights totemic references printed onto the shades are inspired by organic and cultural interpretations of bamboo. Inspirations range from the personal graffiti scrawled on bamboo calms found in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, the prismatic-like mountainous countryside of Anji County China, the end grain cell structure of bamboo and the DNA patterning which has become a trademark of many of Wambamboo’s pieces, referencing our biological connection with the plant world.

Sml: 160cm(h) x 30cm(w) x 31.5cm(d)
Med: 180cm(h) x 35cm(w) x 38cm(d)
Lge: 200cm(h) x 35cm(w) x 38cm(d)

Material: Natural bamboo