Wambamboo Furniture and Lighting



Greenery Screen System

The Greenery Screen System was designed to enable ease of social interaction and privacy in the workplace and at home, whilst reducing the amount of material and infrastructure found in typical workstation arrangements. The design reduces the austere nature of workplaces by introducing organically themed elements hence the title ‘greenery’. The screens have a simple cord management system, reducing workplace clutter and accidental cord removal and is easily installed to all desk types. 

The screen is designed using a positive and negative form from a single piece of material to create an array of customisable partitions and screening. The system can be arranged into three positions - social mode (open slot position), private mode (closed slot position) and decorative mode (opposing/fully-open). All three positions are easily customised by the user. The screens can also be used to dampen white/background noise or uneven air-flow in offices.

53cm(w) expandable to 106cm(w) x 45cm(h) x 2.5cm(d)

Material: Natural bamboo, water-based finish